How to Use WOOP Technique in Coaching?

I recently watched an interview with psychologist Gabriele Oettingen who developed a strategy for mental contrasting called WOOP. This technique helps turn wishful thinking into reality. WOOP is named for each step in the process:

W: Identifying your Wish, 
O: Imagining the Outcome,
O: Anticipating the Obstacle,
P: Developing a specific Plan.
  1. Let your client imagine the outcome. You can question like: What would be the best, most positive outcome if your wish is fulfilled?
  2. Discovering obstacles: Find out an emotion, an irrational belief, or a bad habit that might be a hindrance to achieving your wish.
  3. Create a plan to overcome obstacles using “If-then-plan”:
"If... (obstacle), then I will ... (action or thought)."

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